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Video teachwares for EnKoDeur-Mixeur

New teachwares for the software can be see here:


1) Configuration of loading and saving directories for videos, images and audio files in EnKoDeur-Mixeur:


2) This video tutorial will teach you how to display a 4/3 video in 16/9 without distortion (by adding strips at each end of the video):


3) In this video tutorial is show how to apply one of several filters in a video with EnKoDeur-Mixeur:... read more

Posted by EKD 2012-08-24

EnKoDeur-Mixeur in version 3.1.2

The new version is out. Watch here (in this video) the new features:


Posted by EKD 2012-08-17

[Help wanted] Translators for EnKoDeur-Mixeur

Hello all,

We are looking for translators from french to italian for the project EnKoDeur-Mixeur (http://sourceforge.net/projects/ekd).

Here is how to translate EnKoDeur-Mixeur:


The translation gateway:


If you are interested in our project and want to contribute to the translation from french to other languages, you can also contact me by this way:... read more

Posted by EKD 2012-07-23