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EJOSA and Enhydra Community

Dear Community,

thanks to Alfred Madl (CEO from Together Teamlösungen in Austria),
from today EJOSA will become a part and a top level project
of Enhydra Community.

We have migrated the website of EJOSA to Enhydra. Check
this out:

We are working for the coming EJOSA 2.4 which supports:
- Enhydra Enterprise 6.5 or newer
- AndroMDA 3.1
- Including the product line example with MTL (Model-Model
transformation) for PiggyBank
- Including a Spring example for PiggyBank
- Adding JSF example for PiggyBank
- Pusblishing an article "Model Transfomations for Dummies"
within JAX Magazine which should show step by step creating
model transformations for AndroMDA (Model-Text) and MTL
(Model-Model).... read more

Posted by Lofi Dewanto 2006-01-17

EJOSA Revo 2.3 available!

EJOSA Revolutions 2.3 is now available!

Check out the release file at:

Download at:

Have a lot of fun!

Posted by Lofi Dewanto 2005-05-23

EJOSA Article Part II at jax magazine!

Delving into EJOSA - Part II - A Look into the Architecture
and Development Process using the Magic Template.
by Blasius Lofi Dewanto.


Have fun!

Posted by Lofi Dewanto 2005-03-07

Article Series at jax magazine!

New Article Series about EJOSA at the jax magazine!
"The Enterprise Java Open Source Architecture Template: A Beginners' Way
to J2EE Application Development"

Posted by Lofi Dewanto 2004-12-16

EJOSA Revolutions 2.2

EJOSA Revolutions 2.2 is now available!

Check out the release file at:

Download at:

Have a lot of fun!

Posted by Lofi Dewanto 2004-11-08

EJOSA Revolutions 2.1

EJOSA Revolutions 2.1 is now available!

Check out the release file at:

Download at:

Have a lot of fun!

Posted by Lofi Dewanto 2004-09-10

EJOSA Revolutions 2.0

EJOSA 2.0 Revolutions
The first release of EJOSA Template Revolutions 2.0 is out!

What's new:

- New ext-libs (Enhydra 5.1.9, JOnAS 3.3.6, Ant 1.6.1, AndroMDA 2.x, etc.). For more information please take a look at: ejosa-revo/ext-libs/readme-external-libs.txt
- The structure is now easier and better.
- Adding MDA on the top of the development cycle: model the domain, build the specification, implement the business layer and implement the presentation layer.
- Adding some helpful Ant build scripts.... read more

Posted by Lofi Dewanto 2004-05-16

EJOSA Revolutions Beta CVS

Hi All,

I check-in the first version of ejosa-revo, which supports
AndroMDA (Model Driven Architecture) and EJOSA (Sourcecode
Centric Development). This version supports JOnAS 3.3.5 (the
most up-to-date with Tomcat) and Enhydra 5.1 (also the most

To build from CVS you need:
- to download the ejosa.revo.beta-ext-libs.zip, which are the
external libraries needed (no need to download anything
else, everything included!).
http://prdownloads.sourceforge.net/ejosa/ejosa.revo.beta-ext-libs.zip?download... read more

Posted by Lofi Dewanto 2004-02-10

EJOSA Update

Update and patch EJOSA -
Just install the EJOSA 1.3.5 normally. Afterwards copy the content of the update into the directory of 1.3.5. That's it!

New features:
- You can now start *EVERYTHING* in a single JOnAS JVM (Business Layer, Presentation Layer for both Servlet and Swing). This makes very easy to distribute EJOSA application also on the client-side. With the same application you can use it on the server- and client-side. Thus, we have a distribution transparancy for EJOSA application!... read more

Posted by Lofi Dewanto 2003-10-17

EJOSA Template 1.3.5 Final

Enterprise Java Open Source Architecture
EJOSA - 1.3.5 Final Version

We are proud to announce the final release of EJOSA Template 1.3.5.
New features, bug fixes, new documentation are available!

- Documentation about EJOSA Template for Users HOW-TO. Thanks to
Miroslav Halas and Torsten Menzel.
- Integration of Enhydra as Service in JOnAS. Now you can just start
JOnAS and Enhydra will be started automatically as a service "enhydra"
within JOnAS.
- JOnAS Alarm example with Jetty is now added into EJOSA and it uses
the EJOSA Template structure. JOnAS is also configured to use Jetty
- AspectJ simple example is included within dev-piggybank-ejb-hibernate.
The presentation layer (Swing and Enhydra) aspects work nicely.
The business layer (JOnAS) aspects don't work yet, need a rework.
- There are some additions in ext-libs, so you have to download it again
or just simple download the whole package.
- Upgrade XDoclet 1.2b3 (needed for Hibernate 2.0).
- Upgrade Hibernate 2.0.1. No Hibernate 1 anylonger.
- Add AspectJ .
- Add McKoi Java DB for building EB CMP 2.0 under JOnAS 3.1.
- Upgrade all examples to work with the new libraries.... read more

Posted by Lofi Dewanto 2003-09-22

EJOSA Template 1.3.5

OpenUSS - POW 1.3.5 and EJOSA Template 1.3.5 are now
synchronized with one version of ext-libs (External Libraries).

Both projects use the same version of ext-libs. OpenUSS
only adds some external libraries, which are not used by

The final version of OpenUSS 1.3.5 and EJOSA 1.3.5 will use
these same libraries.

If you cannot wait to try OpenUSS 1.3.5 and EJOSA 1.3.5
just checkout the codes from CVS or download the files from
the "backup" management on each project. After that you have
to download the ext-libs from the SourceForge page for each
project. I already upgraded the download page for OpenUSS
1.3.5 and EJOSA 1.3.5 ext-libs.... read more

Posted by Lofi Dewanto 2003-08-13

EJOSA Template and NetBeans

After adding an ant script for stopping JOnAS in EJOSA Template,
I can say to all of you:

"It's very easy to develop J2EE application and components with
NetBeans and EJOSA Template!"

- Just go get NetBeans http://www.netbeans.org. Download it.
- Get EJOSA Template (check it out from cvs repository with
"anonymous" for the most current version)
-> Look at SF documentation.
- Mount your "ejosa" directory within NetBeans.... read more

Posted by Lofi Dewanto 2003-05-23

EJOSA Template 1.2

EJOSA Template 1.2 is now released!

1)Everything are now ant based ("build" and "run" management). So, in your development time, you only need ant. Run your JOnAS and Enhydra container within ant with all the debugging information turning on. You are IDE independent and if you have to work within Win and Linux, you don't have to work on those *.sh and *.bat files. What you need is only ant. ... read more

Posted by Lofi Dewanto 2003-05-22

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