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EJBCA 3.10.2 released

We proudly offer you EJBCA 3.10.2.

This is a maintenance release with a new features, improvements and several bug fixes. 36 issues in total have been resolved.

With this release 3.10.2 is the preferred release for all installations.
We believe that most regressions resulting from the large restructuring in 3.10.0 is resolved.

Noteworthy changes:
- CMP proxy module.
- Improved transaction isolation and performance in CMP.
- Improvements for JBoss 5.
- Possibility to Enforce unique SubjectDN Serial Number.
- Framework for validation of the contents of end entity fields.
- Fixed some regressions in the admin GUI related to cross certification and CV certificates.
- Possible to define custom CN of superadmin on install.
- Update pre-defined windows smart card logon profiles.
- Output the servers time to the first page of the Admin GUI.
- Supervision of the OCSP responder certificate validity in the standalone OCSP responder.
- Many minor bug fixes related to the big restructure in 3.10.0.
- Minor security enhancements.

Read the full changelog for details.

In EJBCA 3.10.2 the Exception handling for NotFoundExceptions when a user does not exist was slightly overhauled.
This effected some WS-API calls (findCerts, getLastCertChain and getHardTokenData). The behavior of the methods are unchanged, but if
you have handling for such errors you should double check the error handling anyhow. Javadoc has been updated where it was previously not clear.

/The EJBCA Team

Posted by Tomas Gustavsson 2010-06-17

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