EJBCA 3.9.5 released

We are proud to release EJBCA 3.9.5. We believe this is the best version of EJBCA to date.

This is a maintenance release with minor fixes and improvements.

Noteworthy changes:
- Fixed a performance regression for the OCSP service that could lower throughput from 400 to 200 req/s.
- Added process time parameter to OCSP transaction logging.
- Fixed and improved usage of the optional IAIK PKCS#11 provider.
- Improve sequence handing for EAC CVC CAs.
- Fixed a bug when renewing CA keys on HSMs.
- Fixed that you could not use a dot in pre-set usernames in end entity profiles.
- Added possibility to install directly with external admin CA, initializing authorization module in importcacert cli command.
- Added possibility to prompt for keystore password during install so you never have to write it anywhere.

Read the full changelog for details.

For upgrade instructions, please see UPGRADE.

Posted by Tomas Gustavsson 2010-03-05

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