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  • daniel zhou

    daniel zhou - 2009-05-14

    In User Guide "http://www.ejbca.org/manual.html#EJBCA%20Web%20Service%20Interface", i have include those jars, but when i copy this code

      String urlstr = "https://localhost:8443/ejbca/ejbcaws/ejbcaws?wsdl";
      QName qname = new QName("http://ws.protocol.core.ejbca.org/", "EjbcaWSService");
      EjbcaWSService service = new EjbcaWSService(new URL(urlstr),qname);
      ejbcaraws = service.getEjbcaWSPort(); 


    It always show error.

    And code in:
    Sample code
    See the file src/java/org/ejbca/core/protocol/ws/common/IEjbcaWS for more detailed instructions of the API. Sample code can be taken from:

    The JUnit tests for the WS-API: src/test/java/org/ejbca/core/protocol/ws/TestEjbcaWS
    The WS-API CLI: src/java/org/ejbca/core/protocol/ws/client/*.java
    are the same, show many jars not include, but this jar i couldn't find in /src/java, can you tell me where can i find them?

    Thank you,

    • daniel zhou

      daniel zhou - 2009-05-15

      I have solved it, the reason is include jars are not fit each other!


      • liwf

        liwf - 2014-05-24

        Hi, I now user EJBCA WebService interface,but I can't do as the example code.Should I create a new certificate,keyStore and trustStore ? How can I do,please tell me!!thanks


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