merryo - 2014-07-08

Hi All, Please some one help me by answering the following.

which version of EJBCA shall i use in production. Which is most stable release so far
Which OS shall I use. Which OS gives best performance with EJBCA and have tremendous support
Which application server best suits EJBA and which database gives best performance.

I build few vms of EJBCA in following combinations

EJBCA 4.0.16 with ubuntu 12 TLS,Jboss 5 and hypersonic DB
EJBCA 6.0.3 & 6.0.4 with RHEL 6,Jboss 6 & 7 and db as mysql & hypersonic.

My Plan is to go with latest one but i am not sure how much stable it is. Secondly i am trying to keep my production as much on open source but licensed version can also be used (only for OS)

Thanks & Regards