Editing Subject DN and Issuer DN of self signed CA

  • ejbca_user

    ejbca_user - 2013-08-28


    In ejbCA we have one CA, for that we have to edit values of Subject DN and Issuer DN.
    But they are not editable fields in ejbca for this CA.
    So what can be done here ?

    I tried to delete CA. But it says "Couldn't delete CA, it's still used by some users or in the profiles or admin groups.". Its same case even I delete all end entities and profiles.

    With out deleting CA, is it possible to modify Subject DN and Issuer DN attributes of CA ?
    Please help


  • Tomas Gustavsson

    The subject dn of a CA is its identity. Changing that intact creates a new CA. The answer is therefore no, it is not possible to edit the subjectDN of a CA.
    you can create a new CA, and need to rollover your users to the new CA.



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