EJBCA performance through pooling model with External RA

  • Roman

    Roman - 2014-01-20

    I would like to know what is the performance of EJBCA when using it through polling model.

    We are currently using EJBCA 4.0.16 and assume the following scenario:
    1. EJBCA server which don't allow inbound communication.
    2. SCEP RA server acting as a external RA with database outside EJBCA server. EJBCA server proces messages in SCEP RA database in some defined interval.
    3. External RA managing users and their attributes. Main features of External RA is adding new end entities, editing end entities, getting the list of all end entities etc. External RA has also database from where EJCBA proces requests.

    What could be the performance limit in such scenario (assuming that the time interval should be short enough to make it practical)?
    I am thinking about that it wouldn't be much practical because of the processing time required by the polling method.
    For example if we use 15 seconds as a interval for extRA services EJBCA wouldn't be able to proces it in time.

    Am I correct? Someone doing testing performance of using EJBCA with polling model?

    Last edit: Roman 2014-01-21
  • Tomas Gustavsson

    Performance using External RA is decent. Depending on your specific setup etc you'll get different numbers of course. But 10.000-50.000 certificates per hour should be no issue.

    Polling interval affects latency, but multiple requests can be handled every time the service runs.



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