VA Installation fails

  • emfau

    emfau - 2012-06-30

    I'm having trouble to do a standalone VA installation.
    I always get

    /Development/ejbca_4_0_11/build.xml:622: The following error occurred while executing this line:
    /Development/ejbca_4_0_11/bin/jboss.xml:53: Missing JKS keystore file in '/Development/ejbca_4_0_11/p12/tomcat.jks'

    Currently I installed ejbca on a machine pointing to a local DB for CA-DB and a datasource for OCSP-DB on a second machine.
    When I try to add a VA publisher using the remote DB I get an error that the table CertificateData is missing, so I assume I need to setup the VA first. But unfortunately this fails with the error above.

    I wouldn't expect that the VA needs the keystore because it doesn't require a HTTPS connector or is this a wrong assumption? Or am I supposed to create this tomcat.jks using the base CA before doing the va-deploy on the second machine?

    Any help or pointer appreciated!


  • Tomas Gustavsson

    Check the setting for j2ee.webnoconfigure (or similar) in


  • emfau

    emfau - 2012-07-10

    that solved the problem.

    Sorry for not thoroughly reading the comments - it was surely clear enough…

  • ta anh thai

    ta anh thai - 2015-07-02

    hi emfau
    I want to install VA of ejbca.I read Manual document
    but I dont know how to install it?
    Can you help me?

    Thanks so much.


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