Not viewing Certificate Extension Data in the certificate

  • Mejat

    Mejat - 2013-06-17


    I have configured Certificate Extension Data but it is not viewing the finally generated certificate.

    I am using JBoss 5.1.0 server and EJBCA version is ejbaca 4.0.15

    I did the following step.

    1.Configured External OID in the file (/home/user/ejbca_4_0_15/src/java)

    id1.critical=false data

    2.After editing i executed the following command
    ant bootstrap (It will build and deploy into the jboss server)
    3.Start the jboss server.
    4.Access the admin page and i went to 'Edit Certificate Profile' .But there i didnt see 'Test-Name' filed.Could you please confirm here it should be displyed . right?
    5.I already checked the below properties in the End entity profile
    Custom certificate extension data [?] Use:checked. So the text box should be available in the add end entity page.It is working

    6.While creating a End entity i added the following in the Text Box(Certificate Extension Data ) test.

    1. If i see in the edit and view mode , i can able to see this data .
      8.I went to public web page and generated the certificate (create keystore->entered username and password ) then generate certificate.It is automatically import into my Firefox(21.0) browser.
      9.Then i checked the certificate (Tools->option -> view certificate)
      certificate name :mejo4

    I just looking the detail section

    I can see Extension section but i cant see ant custom object identifier under this Extension

    Could you please tell me where i did the misconfiguration or why is is not displaying . I spend more time for finding this issue .I will be happy and i can go forward the ejbca implementation if i get proper solution.


  • Tomas Gustavsson

    I did as you described and in Certificate Profiles I can see "Test-Name" under "Used Custom Certificate Extensions".

    Perhaps you just need to do "ant clean; ant bootstrap"?


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  • Mejat

    Mejat - 2013-06-24

    Hi Thomas,

    Thanks for your support .
    I already fix this issues .What i did is i changed the default database to mysql database and configured is working .

    So now i can able to create our own certificate and able to generate .This is the first step. So if i have any other issues i will comeback here .
    Have a nice day...


  • Mejat

    Mejat - 2013-07-04

    Hi Thomas,

    I need to know little bit more information about customizing the Certificate Extension Data.

    Right now the Certificate Extension Data are entered in the text area of end-entity profile .Instead of text area i need to populate each id with combo box or text area.
    ie testName :combo box
    testName2 :Text data
    is it possible to configure these type information in the properties file ?

    Mejet joseph


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