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eINIT 0.22.0 + gentoo-compat 0.99.1 released

there we go. this release features massive improvements with network configuration (though those still need to be documented properly somewhere, still they should be straightforward).

also added is support for bootsplashes using the splash-utils based bootsplashes.

grab it now while it's still hot ;)

Posted by Magnus Deininger 2007-04-26

gentoo-compat 0.99.0 released

Well, whacha waitin' for, fellow gentoo-izens, update to baselayout-2 and enjoy features like "/etc/init.d/X (start|stop|status)" to work with einit as your primary init system ;)

Posted by Magnus Deininger 2007-04-13

eINIT 0.21.0 released

This interim release *fixes* a SERIOUS BUG that would KILL YOUR BIOS CMOS along with broadcast messages.

No other critical/major/serious bugs have been posted so far, so... better update :)

Posted by Magnus Deininger 2007-04-01

eINIT 0.20.0 released

There we go, it's been a while since we had a release, but there have been substantial changes, so there's 0.20.0 for everyone :)

Posted by Magnus Deininger 2007-03-27

eINIT 0.16.0 released

bugfixes, new features, your usual deal, check http://wiki.jyujin.de/ for the full deal.

Posted by Magnus Deininger 2007-02-05

version -- merry xmas!

This release sports quite a nice number of new features (templates, service overrides, ...), general bugfixes and a number of potential fixes for everyone that suffers from the "umount bug".

go grab it and enjoy your holidays ;)

Posted by Magnus Deininger 2006-12-24

0.12.1: Bugfix release

this releases fixes an annoying segfault when einit starts. same notes that apply to 0.12 applay to this one, so watch out if you update from 0.10!

Posted by Magnus Deininger 2006-11-12

Version 0.12 is out!

Featuring lots of feature requests, this latest release got rather stable.

NOTE: please do note that users of version 0.10 and some (old) 0.11 versions WILL need to re-configure. the only configuration files are now einit.xml and local.xml.

Posted by Magnus Deininger 2006-11-10

eINIT goes BETA: Version 0.10 is out!

Our first BETA release, after way too long a time.

Go grab it and keep those bug reports flowing in!

Posted by Magnus Deininger 2006-10-10

Gentoo/Linux Portage Overlay

Yesterday I released a Gentoo portage overlay that contains a live CVS ebuild of eINIT, for all of you who are rather adventurous and just happen to be using this great linux distribution ;)

Since I wasn't quite sure about whether or not I could put that on sf.net's project webspace, I figured it'd be best if I hosted the .tbz2 on a private server of mine. There's a link to the tarball containing the overlay on einit's project home page. Just grab that and untar it to your portage overlay, unmask sys-apps/einit, emerge and enjoy. If you need more help on using portage overlays, just check your Gentoo/Linux documentation. Feedback welcome ;)

Posted by Magnus Deininger 2006-08-21

Version 0.02 released!

I made the second release tonight. It works properly now, can boot my box to X and the default visualiser looks a lot neater. I ironed out quite some nasty bugs, although we still have some show-stoppers. Feel free to try it out and give me some feedback =)

Posted by Magnus Deininger 2006-08-06

First public Release

I was able to boot one of my boxes into a sorta-usable state a few days ago, and I've been improving eINIT a little over that, thus I think now is the time for a first release.

However, I still consider this piece of software pre-alpha, which is why this project is still labeled as such, and thus the usual precautions apply:


Posted by Magnus Deininger 2006-05-09

Making Progress

Since eINIT got sort of stable/theoretically usable last week, I went ahead and created some user documentation. It's in CVS along with the sources, and I made a small, sucky website to serve as a homepage for project eINIT until I get around to create something proper. The website sucks badly, and only includes the automatically generated User's Guide, but at least it's something to look at and something to show that I'm not idling around on this project.

Posted by Magnus Deininger 2006-05-06

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