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64-bit beta release of mas executable files

I've just released a 64-bit, beta, version of the MAS executables. For more info and to download the released tar file, see:

Posted by Jim Cochrane 2014-07-07

new email address

My old email address that is listed as a contact address for the project (jtc at is going away soon. Use the address mas-info
at the domain instead. (I'm not announcing the address in user@domain format, of course, to prevent spam address harvesting.)

Posted by Jim Cochrane 2006-03-24

Successful test of mas1.6.6q on windows 2000

Having temporary access to a windows 2000 machine, I decided to try installing mas to see if problems others have reported in getting it to run occurred for me. The result: After installing, running mas in the mode in which it reads its data from files worked with no problem. Configuring mas to get its data from at first did not work. However, after I copied the latest mas_httprc (mas web config. file) to the w2000 machine, it worked fine.... read more

Posted by Jim Cochrane 2005-03-21

Windows XP "access denied" problem fixed

A fix has been found for Windows XP, which is simply to install Microsoft's Service Pack 2 (SP2). See:

for more information.

Posted by Jim Cochrane 2004-11-24

MAS support is available.

I would like to announce that I am available to provide support for MAS. Many problems that people encounter installing or using MAS are small and providing help for them does not take much of my time. I will attempt to allocate time to help people with such smaller problems for no charge. I cannot, of course, guarantee that I will always have the time to help everyone for no charge. However, if you run into a larger problem, or if you catch me at a time when I am not available to provide free support, I will also be available to provide support for a fee (for now, on a per-problem basis).... read more

Posted by Jim Cochrane 2004-08-04

Port to Solaris

This announcement is a little late. On Dec. 2003 I got hold of a Sparcstation 20, downloaded ISE's free compiler for Solaris and, with minimal work, succeeded in getting the MAS server to compile and run on Solaris. This is not an official release announcement. It may be several months until I have the time to produce an official Solaris release.

The executable file has been tested a little, but not enough to be certain it is stable. If anyone would like a copy, send me an email with "mas solaris" in the subject line and I'll send it to you.

Posted by Jim Cochrane 2004-08-03

minor release - server executable

I have just released a new version of the server executable file - for both Linux and Windows. This release fixes a problem that arises when the server is run to retrieve its data from yahoo made a small change to its data format that causes previous versions to fail to retrieve the data. This version fixes that problem.

Posted by Jim Cochrane 2004-07-31

Compiling MAS on Solaris and FreeBSD

Since a couple people have expressed interest in the past in compiling MAS on systems other than Windows and Linux, I thought it would be appropriate to announce that a free version of the compiler needed to compile MAS is now available for Solaris and for FreeBSD (as well as for LinuxPPC) - at:

I don't know how complete these packages are, so I'm not sure if, for example, all libraries required by MAS are included, but I think there's a fair chance that everything needed is included. If anyone succeeds in compiling the MAS source code on any of these platforms, I'd appreciate hearing about it from you, either by email, or via the support forum at:... read more

Posted by Jim Cochrane 2003-12-05

Feature-request mailing list

Everyone is invited to submit requests for new features they would like to see added to MAS to the mas-feature-req mailist list. This list is intended to be a "write-only" list that serves as a convenient method of submitting feature requests. All you need to do is send an emai describing the feature you would like added to:

eiffel-mas-feature-req at

(replacing at with the at symbo, of course). You don't need to be a member of the list to submit a request. Please try, if possible, to include a subject line that serves as a very short description of the feature being requested to help with searches, administration, etc.

Posted by Jim Cochrane 2003-06-25

Windows executable added to 1.6.6g beta release

The file mas-windows1.6.6g, which contains the latest version of the mas.exe Windows executable and the supporting files indicators_persist and generators_persist, has been added to the 1.6.6g beta release. The release can be found at:

Posted by Jim Cochrane 2003-05-30

Beta release: 1.6.6g

A beta release of the mas executables for the Linux platform with the latest improvements and features as of May 18, 2003 has been released can be found in the files section:

Please read the release notes and change log to get an idea of what is in the package and how to install and use it: read more

Posted by Jim Cochrane 2003-05-22

Invitation to MAS users to join the discussion mailing list

I would like to invite all MAS users to join the mas-discuss mailing list and I'd like to encourage you to use this list as a forum for discussions about MAS, including helping each other out with problems, as well as discussing tips and tricks, and other issues related to how to use MAS.

Although the membership of the mas-discuss list is currently rather small, I suspect that there are several MAS users who would be interested in such a forum for discussion of MAS issues and I believe that as the user base for MAS grows, this forum is likely to become much more active and, as a result, more helpful and valuable to those who subscribe. I would thus like to encourage all MAS users who are interested in participating in such a forum to join the mas-discuss list and help it to develop by posting any questions you have about MAS or discussion of MAS-related issues to the list, as well as, if you feel qualified, answering questions and contributing to existing discussions.... read more

Posted by Jim Cochrane 2002-11-26

release notes for Linux 1.6.5 release

Due to an oversight, I did not include some needed installation instructions in the Linux 1.6.5 release of MAS. These instructions have been included in the 1.6.5 release notes. if you are having trouble getting the 1.6.5 release of MAS for Linux working, please make sure you have followed the instructions in the release notes before contacting me or filing a bug report.

You can access the release notes by directing your browser to the MAS download page:... read more

Posted by Jim Cochrane 2002-11-14

Bug fix for Windows version (1.6.5)

I have fixed a bug in the Windows version that prevented the use of trading-signal generation. Windows users should download setup-mas1.6.5a.exe (instead of the older setup-mas1.6.5.exe) to obtain the version with the bug fix.

Posted by Jim Cochrane 2002-10-28

Release of Version 1.6.5

System for analysis of financial markets using technical analysis. Includes facilities for stock charting and futures charting, as well as automated processing of market data. Version 1.6.5 has been released. Linux users should read the release notes before installing MAS.

This version includes an official release for the Windows platform. Windows users should be able to install and use MAS's basic features by downloading and running setup-mas1.6.5a.exe and following the simple instructions. (NOTE: setup-mas1.6.5a.exe fixes a small bug that was causing signal generation to not work on Windows. Windows users should download this file rather than the older setup-mas1.6.5.exe.)... read more

Posted by Jim Cochrane 2002-10-26

Beta release of Windows version available

A beta release of the Windows version of MAS is available at:

It is not configured to automatically retrieve EOD data. (I hope to produce an "official" release that includes this feature soon, which will be downloadable from sourceforge.) But it does include sample data files so that people can try it out to see how it works for them.

Posted by Jim Cochrane 2002-07-10

Release of Version 1.6

Version 1.6 of MAS has been released. See the change logs in the downloads section
for a list of changes since version 1.5:

Posted by Jim Cochrane 2001-06-05

Release of Version 1.5

Version 1.5 of MAS has been released. See the change logs in the downloads section for a list of changes since version 1.4:

Posted by Jim Cochrane 2001-03-30

Release of Version 1.4

Version 1.4 of MAS has been released. See the change logs in the downloads section for a list of changes since version 1.3:

Posted by Jim Cochrane 2001-01-21

Release of Version 1.3

Version 1.3 of MAS has been released. See the change logs in the downloads section for a list of changes since version 1.2 -,

Posted by Jim Cochrane 2000-08-04

Release of version 1.2

Version 1.2 of MAS has been released. See the change log in the downloads section for a list of changes since veresion 1.1.

Posted by Jim Cochrane 2000-07-05

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