Please Help With Getting Started in MAS

  • Josef

    Josef - 2004-04-01


    I am new to using MAS.  I do a fair amount of trading and was very impressed by what the home page says is possible with MAS.

    After installing the 1.6.5 release (I have a Win 2000 system) I have 4 icons on my desktop: MAS Charts, MAS Command Line, MAS Server (Files), and MAS Server (Web).

    How do I get started?  I am just a home user and don't deal with any clients.  Do I actually need a server?  I am interested in creating alerts based on combinations of indicators and especially in backtesting, if possible.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    Many thanks,


    • David Hoag

      David Hoag - 2005-01-02

      This email was the key for me - you've got to modify the lib/mas_httprc file to use and not

      From: Jim Cochrane <jtc@di...>
      Yahoo address change problem/solution 
      2004-06-17 15:11

      Those of you using the -w option to get data from may have run
      into this problem lately.  They appear to have changed the address for the
      http data server from to, causing data
      retrieval to fail.  The solution is simple: Just change the line in the
      mas_httprc file from:




      (Make sure the separator between "host" and the address remains a single
      tab, no spaces.)


    • deepak

      deepak - 2006-02-21

      Hi All,

      I am a software developer with almost 6.5 years of experience. I am working on C#. I would also like to join the project.

      Please let us know How I can join the group and start contributing towards the welfare of the group and the developement of the product.

      Deepak Sinha


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