create own indicators

  • matthias

    matthias - 2001-11-09

    1) is there more documentation about the operators and operands? I personally find it difficult to create new indicators since on some operators it is not 100% clear what they will do. I think there would be a need to document them in a mathematical description. If there has nothing started yet I would like to begin.
    2) is there an exchange of user-created indicators and analyzers?
    best regards, matthias

    • Kevin Cosgrove

      Kevin Cosgrove - 2002-11-07

      1) As for a mathematical description, I think some
      of the indicators are just standard ones that
      everyone uses.  Yes, it's hard to find the
      formulas since most trading books steer clear of
      math -- I think they're trying to sell books
      rather than teach.  One book referred to in the
      "masystem_introduction.txt" file is "Technical
      Analysis Explained," by Martin J. Pring.  I saw
      that once at a library and it seems fabulous.  A
      book I have is "The Technical Analysis Course" by
      Thomas A. Meyers.  It's pretty good, but the other
      one is better.

      2) I'd like to see an exchange of ideas,
      indicators or help between users.  What can you



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