#7 core dump when nonexistent symbol is requested from yahoo

server (8)

The condition that triggers the core dump appears to be
the requesting of a symbol from yahoo.com (running the
server with the -w option) that yahoo doesn't know
about. The bug is that the server should not core
dump, but it should output an appropriate error message
to the appropriate medium and then continue accepting
requests from clients - It should not terminate.

Here is the email from the mas-discuss mailing list
that alerted me to the problem:

I couldn't find that symbol axa.pa either.
>From: Pedro Pla ...
>Subject: Re: [MAS-discuss] Problem with Symbols on
Europe Market
>I don't know if this will help, but if you're running
mas with the -w
>option it is getting quotes from yahoo, I did a quick
check and didn't
>see any axa.pa on finance.yahoo.com quote search,
there were some others
>like axafw.pa, and a lot more, so you probably want
to look it up on
>yahoo.com to make sure the symbol you are searching
for is displayed
>that way there.
>Peyman GOHARI Wanadoo wrote:
>>Hi everybody,
>>I can't modify the Symbol file to add European Market
Items. I use MAS 1.6.5
>>on Windows.
>>Can anyone mail me a symbol file with for instance
>>When I launch the client, the server gives me that
error (there is no
>>network activity) :
>>C:\Program Files\mas1.6.5\lib>mas -o -b -f , -w 18273
>>Caught signal in responding to client request:
>>Segmentation violation (11)
>>Details: Exception occurred with tag:
>>"Segmentation violation"
>>Type of Exception : Operating system signal.
>>[Exception trace:
>>Class / Object Routine Nature of
>>MA_SERVER root's creation
Segmentation violation:
>><00FC002C> Operating
system signal.
>>MA_SERVER root's creation
>><00FC002C> Routine


  • Jim Cochrane

    Jim Cochrane - 2003-11-22

    Logged In: YES

    Note: From a recent report from the user who originallly
    reported the problem, it appears that the above-described
    core dump may be caused by the know problem of the windows
    release of mas not being able to handle being installed in a
    directory whose name has a space in it. If so, it's
    probably more of a higher-level system bug than a defect in
    the server code itself. Here is the referenced report:

    I have found why my symbols don't work : in fact, after
    having installed MAS, I couldn't even delete one line of the
    symbol file without crashing the server (I have already
    provided the Seg Fault message).
    The explication is that I installed MAS in the "Program
    Files" directory, and this seems to be a problem it : I
    finally installed MAS in its default directory
    "Applications" and everything was OK.

  • Jim Cochrane

    Jim Cochrane - 2003-11-22
    • priority: 5 --> 4

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