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Eidola Programming Language / News: Recent posts

No more news on Sourceforge

OK, I'm going to stop posting news on SF, because it's redundant. Check out the home page for updates.

Posted by Paul Cantrell 2001-09-10

CVS -- Up, up and away!

After some unsuccessful experiments (Don't look in the attic!), I have the source code and the web site (including the semantics) under CVS.

Posted by Paul Cantrell 2001-05-26

Eidola site down

Jesse's DSL provider went DOA. I'll have the main Eidola back up shortly somewhere else! More news soon.

Posted by Paul Cantrell 2001-03-31

Sourceforge site created

I've set up two Sourceforge projects for Eidola: one for the kernel reference implementation, called simpy "eidola", and one to hold future work on a notation framework, called "panopticon".

First for the kernel, then for panopticon, we'll be taking advantage of Sourceforge features in roughly the following order:... read more

Posted by Paul Cantrell 2001-02-24