downloading the project - Initial bits

  • Shashi Nanda

    Shashi Nanda - 2010-12-01

    Hi all,

    Good Afternoon !

    I would like some help in understanding the bits and pieces required to start working on this project on my laptop.

    I need the information especially to understand
    1> what tool is used by the project to get the source code ? is it Hgtortoise
    2? waht IDE are we planning to use for this project? It is quite good for every1 of us to have the same IDE so that down the line, it becomes really easier to solve any problem if faced by a developer ?
    3> what version of java are we planning to use ?

    etc.. etc..

    Any light into these mattter is greatly appreciated and would help me in getting a good kick start  !!


  • vijay krishna

    vijay krishna - 2010-12-10

    I believe Eclipse IDE would do…very good when it comes to availability of plugins…with Java 6…

  • Giovanni Palombi

    Whe choose to use Maven , then you can use Eclipse , Netbeans or JBuilder or simple editors (vi, edit and so on) as you want, important is that you have maven plugin installed on it….


  • Giovanni Palombi

    Also, TortoiseHg can be good, i think (probably for windows is the better choice)…important is that is a Mercurial client, can be also integrated mercurial on IDE, but as i know integrated Mercurial in eclipse have some problem…


  • Mark

    Mark - 2010-12-20

    i think maybe this post should be in the dev forum :)


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