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Oliver Egger Tony Schaller Axel Helmer

eHealth Connector

The eHealth Connector (eHC) is a convenience API for IHE transactions and HL7 CDA documents. It supports functionalities for cross-enterprise sharing of documents and master patient index (MPI) connection using IHE transactions and also supports content profiles based on the HL7 Clinical Document Architecture (CDA).
The architecture contains generic packages for all features that are common on the international level. In addition country specific precisions are available.
The eHC is built on the basis of the MDHT HITSP runtime libraries and the OHT IHE profiles (see "Resources" below).


Status: 2018-05-20

eHealth Connector (eHC) objectives

  • facilitate networking of different stakeholders in the health sector
  • harmonization of data exchange between software systems that are used for healthcare data exchange
  • reduction of the effort for the integration of an information system in an eHealth community infrastructure
  • successful completion of tests for all relevant profiles at an IHE Connectathon

Contribution guidelines

The following guidelines for the implementation of the eHC are derived from the mentioned objectives:

  • implementation of existing interoperability profiles
  • no development of new standards or proprietary formats
  • simple and convenient API for developers who use the eHC, minimizing the required specialized knowledge of HL7, IHE, OHT, MDHT and other standards and technologies (including their specialized datatypes and vocabularies)
  • the complexity of the used standards is encapsulated, but fully accessible for all cases where the convenience API is not (yet) sufficient.
  • open source development and compliance with requirements for the source code, documentation, and software testing
  • before releasing new features, a Quality audit has to be performed in order to keep the eHealth Connector a reliable toolbox.

Releases (history and future planning)

See releases for detailed description of functionality, use cases and technical descriptions. In general two releases are planned per year (spring and autumn).


See the coorresponding release page mentioned before.





Last update of this page: 2017-11-30


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