Ehcache flush()

Haarika p
  • Haarika p

    Haarika p - 2010-06-28

    Using Ehcache in our project to get the data from Ehcahce.

    Initially checking in Ehcache to get the data. if data is not available, getting th response from somewhere and putting in to Ehcache.  I am planning to write some flushing program to flush the data, so that i can get the latest data whenever i  need.

    My question is, When i am trying to flushing the data, I don't want to interrupt the another requests of Ehcache like getting the data from Ehcahce and putting into Ehcache. Can you please help me if you have any idea on this how i have to implement the flusing without interrputing the another reqeusts of Ehcahce.

    I appreciate your help.

  • Matthew Passell

    Matthew Passell - 2010-06-28

    Sorry not to be answering your question directly, but I wanted you to know that the Ehcache team thinks of this mailing list as closed. It's apparently possible to add new posts (since you and I are doing so), but you probably won't get a response.  You can sign up for the new mailing list at and ask your question again there.



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