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Egy-Os Project is an 32-bit opreating System
This Project to develop a fully distributed OS written In C/C++/Assembly
Designed from scratch By two Systems Developers To Be The First Arabic Work In Afield Of
Systems and Opreating System Development

What is Egy-Os ? Egy is an operating system. It is free and open source. It is released under GNU General Public License (GPL). To view the GNU GPL click here or visit www.gnu.org. Ace OS is still under development and the development is more focusing on the Kernel concepts. Egy-OS is developed from a scratch none of its module is copied from Linux or any other OS.

Usage: EgyOS is developed for Learning and As Areasearch In field In Systems . You can use EgyOS to study Operating System and Kernel Papers, because it is small and may be simple. Or you can use EgyOS for any purpose by modifing the source code And Made EveryThing What You Want.

Development: EgyOS Kernel modules are developed by absorbing the interesting, easy, effective concepts used by other Operating Systems. Most of its concepts coming from Linux and other open source operating systems and Another New concepts Specially for Egy-os . Currently the development focus on the kernel.
Users: This Project targeted All Computer Users Because One Of OS purpose Is to Make The Things Eathier For all who want to learn about system internals And Design I will Make Things Obvious to them . Finally, it is for who want to create a new operating system(s) for X86 machines. and for usual users an for progammers from al fields Specially OS developers