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Project membership changes

Since actual project membership has not been managed at Sourceforge for some time, the admins today have decided to go ahead and clean up the user list here. This does not impact actual project membership or developer lists in any way.

Posted by Miles Lott 2008-03-08

eGroupWare 1.4 final available

The eGroupWare project is proud to announce the 3. major release of our well know groupware suite.

It contains uncountable improvements over the 1.2 release. To name a few:

* addressbook completely rewritten (Group-addressbooks, Organisation-views, improved LDAP support)
* new fully integrated tracker application used by the project itself since some time
* new imap backend and many improvements for FMail
* Gallery2 port for eGroupWare
* many improvements in nearly all applications
* have a look at the release-notes:
* for a full list see read more

Posted by Ralf Becker 2007-06-04

eGroupWare 1.4 Beta 4 available

This release should be mostly bug free, but you should install it on production critical systems only, when you know what you are doing.

You need to download and install at least following files:

- eGroupWare-1.3.019.(tar.bz2|tar.gz|zip)
- eGroupWare-egw-pear-1.3.019.(tar.bz2|tar.gz|zip)

Binary packages are temporarily available from openSUSE build service:

Fedora Core 5:
Fedora Core 6:
openSUSE 10.2:
SUSE Linux 10.1:
SUSE Linux 10.0: read more

Posted by Lars Kneschke 2007-04-17

eGroupWare 1.2-106 bugfix and maintainance release

This is a bugfix and maintainance release for the 1.2 branch of
eGroupWare. We recommend everyone to update to it.

Please note:
The most important fix is PHP5.2 compatibility.
Because of a nasty bug in the PHP5.2 mbstring extension, you have to
additionally switch display_errors Off, to be able to work with
eGroupWare using multibyte charsets like utf-8 (or anyway if you have
mbstring.func_overload > 0). Otherwise you get tons of "empty haystack"
warnings.... read more

Posted by Ralf Becker 2007-01-01

5. bugfix and maintainance release of eGroupWare 1.2

It contains only bugfixes and language updates, no new features. It also contains a security relevant fix, if you use eGroupWare with register_globals On, against our recommendation and configuration files.
We recommend everyone updates to it.

Posted by Ralf Becker 2006-09-06

eGroupWare maintainance release 1.2-104 available

This is a maintainance release of eGroupWare, a multi-user, web-based groupware suite developed on a custom set of PHP-based APIs. Currently available modules include: email, addressbook, calendar, infolog (notes, to-do's, phone calls), content management, forum, bookmarks, and wiki.

Release 1.2-104 contains no new features, only bugfixes.

Every productional system should get updated to this version.... read more

Posted by Lars Kneschke 2006-07-18

eGroupWare 1.2 released

The eGroupWare project is pleased to announce the next major release
of its collaboration suite, eGroupWare. After 20 months of active
development, it comes with blazing new features and many improvements
for usability and performance.

The user interface for the major applications has been extensively
harmonized, giving the user a more intuitive way to do their daily work.

Through the use of new programming techniques and technologies, this
new release has become notably faster.... read more

Posted by Ralf Becker 2006-04-13

7. release candidate for upcomming 1.2 release

This is (hopefully) the last RC before the final relase. We expect the final release within one week.

This time we also provide RPM's for SuSE 10 and Fedora Core 4.

* Sat Mar 06 2006 Lars Kneschke <> 1.2RC7-1
- eGW requires now MySQL 4.0+ (no more 3.23!)
- fixed all critical bugs since RC 6
- tested eGroupWare extensive on Debian, SUSE and RedHat with MySQL, Postgress and LDAP
- improved translations
- SyncML can now syncronize recuring events too
- updated specfile to automaticly install cron and apache config files

Posted by Ralf Becker 2006-03-10

5. release candidate for upcomming 1.2 release

Again 2 critical bugs fixed. Therefor an other RC.

According to our plans this will be the last RC and the final release will be before Christmas.

There are now installation instructions in english and german: and a german language pdf containing the installation chapter of the new 1.2 handbook: ... read more

Posted by Ralf Becker 2005-12-15

4. release candidate for upcomming 1.2 release

Again many bugs fixed.

Due to the number of bugs fixed since RC3, I decided to have at least one more release candidate - this one.

Because of a critical bug in the db-class, I recommend everyone using the previous RC's to update to this one ASAP, as you can damage your data. One effect of the bug is, that new created files in filemanager are shown twice. This will not go away, you have to delete and re-add the files.... read more

Posted by Ralf Becker 2005-12-02

3. release candidate for upcomming 1.2 release

Many bugs fixed:
- registration is back working
- see change log below

Still some features missing:
- sheduling contacts
- manual app should have search and link to index
==> they might not make it into the 1.2

Further shedule:
- final 1.2 release Friday 2. Dez. (if there are no more critical bugs in this RC3)


Change Log:
* Mon Nov 28 2005 Ralf Becker <> 1.2RC3-1
- fixed registration app, is not longer in contrib now
- fixed egroupware zip, which wrongly included the contrib stuff
- fixed several other bugs... read more

Posted by Ralf Becker 2005-11-28

2. release candidate for upcomming 1.2 release

Many bugs fixed, still some features missing:
- sheduling contacts
- manual app should have search and link to index

Further shedule:
- next RC3 is planned for Monday 28. Nov.
- final 1.2 release 2. Dez.

* Thu Nov 24 2005 Ralf Becker <> 1.2RC2-1
- calendar now fully supports groups as participatns and xmlrpc is working again
- group-id's are now negative to improve ldap support
- modified logo and look for the 1.2 idots template
- bugfixes in many areas... read more

Posted by Ralf Becker 2005-11-24

eGroupWare security+bugfix update

This is a security and bugfix release, which fixes a some issues introduced with the last packages.

We advice everyone to update to that release.

Posted by Ralf Becker 2005-09-20

eGroupWare security update

This is mainly a security update including xmlrpc fixes from mid August, which were not availible in all package formats. It also included a preventiv fix which allows to switch the xmlrpc and soap subsystems on or off (default).

We advice everyone to update to that release.

- further xmlrpc security fixes (already included in the tgz from mid Aug)
- xmlrpc and soap subsystem is now deactivated by default, it can be enabled via Admin &gt;&gt; site configuration if needed... read more

Posted by Ralf Becker 2005-09-13

eGroupWare security update

This release contains fixes for the security problems related to xmlrpc, reported by James from GulfTech Security Research and other sources on the internet. We recommend everyone to update to this release asap.

Please note:
- the previous packages could not edit projects
- the previous packages render the xmlrpc system in eGroupWare unusable!

Posted by Ralf Becker 2005-07-16

new security- + bugfix-release

This release contains fixes for the security problems reported by James from GulfTech Security Research.

*We recommend everyone to update to this release asap.*

It also includes lots of bugfixes in nearly all applications and new / enhanced translations.

The packages are signed with a new key eGroupWare packager (Key number 7AF22C5C). You can get the key via The fingerprint is: 915D 3F65 55F8 AB18 34C6 22A1 2E24 11E0 7AF2 2C5C... read more

Posted by Ralf Becker 2005-04-16

Install and Security HowTo removed

On the explicit which of the author, we removed the Install & Security HowTo. It is in an own project now:

Posted by Ralf Becker 2005-04-03

eGW Install and Security How To 0.5 released

You can HELP us...
to improve and extend eGroupware
the victims of the Asian tsunami disaster.

The lastest version of the INSTALL and SECURITY HOWTO is finished and available for download from the Sourceforge project page. From now on, this HOWTO will be available also as a professionally

printed BOOK for only EUR 5,50

plus Shipping+Package.

As the production of each book will cost EUR 2,00, you are supporting the eGroupware project with EUR 3,00.... read more

Posted by Reiner Jung 2005-01-05

eGW Install and Security How To 0.4, French

Thank you to Theytaz Antoine. He have translated the Install and Security How-To in Version 0.4 to French.

Posted by Reiner Jung 2004-12-27

eGroupWare with graphical Windows installer

For testing you can download eGroupWare with a graphical Windows installer. The package is not well tested but should work. Please report problems with the installer to reinerj AT users DOT sourceforge DOT net

Posted by Reiner Jung 2004-11-18

new egroupware- available

Some users report that the original package don't work. We have created a new one and this is available at downloads

Posted by Reiner Jung 2004-11-18

eGroupWare security update

This release is a security release for eGW. When you use JiNN as eGroupWare module, it is strongly recommanded to update to this release asap. You need to visit setup to update the DB!

- Security problem fixed in JiNN
- other bugfixes

Posted by Reiner Jung 2004-11-06

eGroupWare Italian mailing list added

For Italian users we add a new mailing list. You can sign up to this list under lists at Sourceforge

Posted by Reiner Jung 2004-09-10

eGroupWare released

This release fix several bugs in many applications

Posted by Reiner Jung 2004-09-09


Email Application was broken after security fix.
This package include the fix for security and Email application

Posted by Reiner Jung 2004-08-24