eGW Install and Security How To 0.5 released

You can HELP us...
to improve and extend eGroupware
the victims of the Asian tsunami disaster.

The lastest version of the INSTALL and SECURITY HOWTO is finished and available for download from the Sourceforge project page. From now on, this HOWTO will be available also as a professionally

printed BOOK for only EUR 5,50

plus Shipping+Package.

As the production of each book will cost EUR 2,00, you are supporting the eGroupware project with EUR 3,00.

With every sold book, we will donate at least EUR 0,50 to the Red Cross to help the Asian tsunami's victims. Any amount payed above EUR 9,00 will be donated as well to the Red Cross.

A list of people/companies, who purchased this book will be sent together with the money to the Red Cross organisation.

The desired development/improvement of eGroupware depends on how many books we can sell, but as an example, we are thinking of

* SyncML
* Palm Sync

The books can be ordered from now on by the payment of EUR 9,00 (or higher) to the paypal account from reinerj AT Shipment will start end of January 2005.

Posted by Reiner Jung 2005-01-05