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Created on2013/12/12 15:56
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Summary#3267 - Import wrong mail in tracker
Hi all,
I'm using Egroupware trunk version 1.9.018, and I'm having a problem importing mail in tracker.
I have 2 email accounts configured in Felamimail, my personal email (linked to my user account) and a shared email address. If I try to import an email from the shared account with an UID in tracker application, the system tries to import an email with the same UID but from my personal account.
If I do the same thing with an email from my personal account the system works correctly.

Does anybody have the same problem?

Comment by Klaus Leithoff at 2013/12/12 16:28:
I guess its fetching the wrong icServerID from the session with egw_cache::getSession($sessionLocation,'activeProfileID');
reason is probably the session stored data not available or the data garbage, or holding the wrong information.
Have a look in line 1631 in tracker_ui
and check the value returned into $icServerID

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