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Summary#3270 - egwRadio App
Amateur Radio Applications: QSO Logbook

Provides: This application is intended to augment the HAM Radio Deluxe Loggbook (TM) application by providing a eGroupware (TM) interface for the management of Logbook QSO entries stored in MySQL. This application is intended to be ADIF compliant.


QSO Management
- Adding QSO Entries
- Editing of QSO Entries
- Listing QSO Entries with advanced filtering and Google Maps Integration
- QRZ Callsign Lookup (Standard or Premium data depending on your subscription)
- History/Changes using EGW Framework
- Linking & Attachments using EGW Framework

QSO Reporting
- Reporting DXCC Confirmed/Non-Confirmed by Mode and Band(QSL/LoTW/EQSL)
- Reporting QSO Confirmed/Non-Confirmed by Mode and Band (QSL/LoTW/EQSL)

My RIG/Radio
- Define RIG Info
- Edit RIG Info
- Specify RIG Info as a default Preference to insert into a new QSO

My Station
- Define Station Info
- Edit Station Info
- Specify Station Info as a default Preference to insert into a new QSO
- Link Callsign to eGroupware Account

General Features
- Multi User Support
- DXCC Prefix Reference and Lookup
- IOTA Reference and Lookup
- Gridsquare Selector using Google Maps API v3 (QRA locator map - tk5ep)
- Use of Google Maps API v3 for graphical display of QSOs
- EGW Preference based storage
- Configurable Google Maps API Key
- Configurable Account/Password for QRZ Call Sign Lookup
- Band/Mode/Satellite/Prefix/IOTA values stored in tables for maintanability
- Maintenance Screen for Band/Mode/Satellite/Prefix/IOTA tables

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