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Category: SyncML
Version: Version 1.6.003
Status: Open
Resolution: None
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Priority: 5 - medium
Created By: Frank Edelhaeuser
Assigned to: Jörg Lehrke
Summary: #2696 - Invalid SyncML namespace attributes
The eGroupware SyncML server supplies invalid namespace attributes whenever SyncML namespaces are provided inside response messages. For example (fragment from a 1.6.003 eGW server response):


The SyncML specification defines xmlns="syncml:metinf" (without version number 1.0, 1.1 etc.). The same applies to syncml:devinf namespace attributes.

This incompatibility causes problems when parsing eGroupware's SyncML responses with namespace-conscious parsers (such as XPath).
Comment by Frank Edelhaeuser at 2010/07/21 06:31:
Sorry, the SyncML tags from the sample fragment didn't make it from the notes field into the the description. I am attaching a log file showing a response message. See MaxMsgSize, Format and Type nodes.

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