Hi Ralf,

Your example is only just one table. How about a table inside of that table?
I am worried of the id="{row}[var]" in the second table because the {row} returns the row of the parent row not the row of the table inside.

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Am  03.04.14  04:17,  schrieb  Ki  Setargilop:
>  Hi,
>  How  to  create  nested  tables  with  dynamic  rows  in  the  new  etemplate?
>  Thanks.

Same  way  as  with  old  eTemplate:

<grid id="apps" overflow="auto" height="200">
      <appicon align="center"  src="$row_cont[appname]"/>
      <checkbox label="$row_cont[appname]" id="${row}[run]"/>
      <button label="ACL" id="button[$row_cont[appname]]" image="edit"/>

The above grid displays a list of applications with an icon, a checkbox
and a button for each application in the list:

$content['apps'] = array(
        array('appname' => 'addressbook', 'run' => true),
        array('appname' => 'calendar', 'run' => false),

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