>>Hmm, hard to believe. I reworked the code before replying to you and

I just wiped the entire installation and reinstalled on this wheezy box
(apt-get install egroupware-epl) which installed a number of other
related egroupware packages. This time I let the package manager
configure header.inc.php - and I was able to login using SQL
authentication as expected.

I changed the 3 files as you posted a few days back, and the mail
configuration reappeared.
> >>Maybe you misunderstood some of the options, just post what you
> filed in
> >>in setup and what your username in EGroupware and on the mailserver
> are.
Server name: 127.0.01
IMAP (143)
Username is different from the SQL admin user.
IMAP server doesn't register any connections whatsoever, but when I
login as admin and setup mail delivery it pulls the IMAP mailbox just
fine, and IMAP working fine on a few other apps on the server. Just for
fun I switched the IMAP server to another one we have in the org which
is in full time use, and noticed no connection attempts as well.

> >You must have some other problem. LDAP as well as AD are used in many
> >installations. Thought both can be trick with certificates, when using
> >ldaps (ssl), as validating certificates is switched on in PHP/LDAP by
> >default, but there's no certificate store by default. This causes all
> >ldaps connections to fail!

You are right, I then tried LDAP and Active Directory using very
standard settings (local or remote servername) and a BaseDN ie
dc=domain,dc=com that should be able to search through the various OUs
in place on the different servers. Upon attempting to login using many
different accounts after clicking the submit button it returns
immediately with Bad User ID error message. I would think I have all
dependencies in place, pass the Installation test without issues. Just
seems to be that EGW isn't communicating to any external sources on this
machine for some reason which is beyond me - I can't seem to figure out
if I can throw the app into a debug mode to get more details at this
stage, so at a standstill.

Thanks so far,

> -- Dave Conroy ([hidden email]) PGP: 0x386B82D2

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