Hello to all,

for those who don't know me, here is a short CV about me:

I am 34 years old and I live in Mainz, that is close to Frankfurt (Germany).
I studied civil engineering in Wiesbaden and worked for a short time as  project administrator for some building contractors.
In the 2003 I made a trainee in system administration and IT-security for one year an started working in the IT.
Nearly 5 years I worked for a software company in Wiesbaden, who developed a browser based erp system called cierp3 and a developing tool to create your own applications with html, Ajax and the CACHE Database from  Intersystems.
Since October I started working  for  Outdoor Unlimited Training  to help making  eGroupWare  better  and try to bring my  ideas and skills into the project.

For me, it is the first time working with a open Source Project an a hope I can keep up with you guys.

Best Regards



Ralf Becker schrieb:
I added Stefan as Medior project-member with svn access, as noone
objected and agreed by Miles.

Miles and I also removed everyone but the admins from the sf.net project
(the list was totally outdated and serves no purpose any more, as we use
sf.net only for the mailing lists and file downloads).

There's now an official list of the members of the eGroupWare project in
the wiki: www.egroupware.org/wiki/ProjectMembers

The list also contains the function and Member Status:
- Senior or
- Medior including Mentor
- Junior (are not listed, as they have no additional rights)

If you think something is wrong with it, please let us know.

We also changed the status of everyone, but Stefan and Nigel, to Senior.
In future these changes should be announced by the mentor here on the
core list, when he thinks his mentee is ready to work unsupervised.

Ralf + Miles

Ralf Becker schrieb:
Birgit's and my company got reinforced since October last year by my
brother Stefan Becker. He formerly worked as a software developer for a
Company developing an ERP system for the German market.

Stefan is since October "working his way through" eGroupWare and has
submitted a number of patches through me or Klaus, as you can see if you
search www.egroupware.org/changelog for his name.

Stefan also offered to work as webmaster for the project webserver. As a
first action he wants to implement the addresslist block, he developed
for an other website, to use together with the contact form block, to
organize a nice searchable reference list, were every eGW installation
can be listed. I think Birgit already announced that on the devel list.

Klaus and I think he is ready to become a *Medior* project-member with
supervised commit rights for the project's svn repository. I would act
as his mentor, as he works most of the time in our office here in
Kaiserslautern anyway.

I will add him, if there are no objections.



Mit freundlichen Grüßen

Stefan Becker

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