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eggBlog v4.0RC3

eggBlog v4.0RC3 is now available to download:

Due to the number of enhancements and changes, this update is being issued as a third Release Candidate, with the next release being the final v4.0.

When updating from pre-v4.0rc3, you will need to manually update your /config.php file to the new language file (from en-uk to en_gb).

Major updates include:
- name changes to config.php file
- default langugage file changed from "en-uk" to "en_gb"
- mime_magic extension removed
- several minor reported bugs resolved ... read more

Posted by Egg 2008-01-21

Translations Needed

The final release of eggBlog 4.0 is almost ready for release. However, UK English is still the only language available.

Language support is included so if you can help translate a few words into another language then do please help.

Simply translate the /langs/en-uk.php file in the eggBlog package to your language and send it to egg at eggblog dot net or post a URL containing the new file below as a comment to read more

Posted by Egg 2008-01-09

eggBlog 4.0rc2

eggBlog v4.0rc2 is now available to download.

This release contains bug fixes from the first release candidate, including those within the fckEditor WYSIWYG editor.

As before, your feedback is vital to future development. Please also post links to any language or theme packs you have developed.

Major updates include:
- fckEditor WYSIWYG upgraded to v2.5.1
- several minor bug fixes

Download the latest version of eggBlog from read more

Posted by Egg 2007-12-24

eggBlog v4.0.0b Available for Download

eggBlog v4b is now available for download:

This is a beta release and will contain a higher number of bugs than a final release.

A summary of eggBlog v4 is available from a previous post:

Installation and upgrading docs/guides are available online:

Report any bugs or suggestions through our the forum:

Posted by Egg 2007-11-23

eggBlog v4

eggBlog v4 is in the later development stages and is due for beta release shortly. This website now runs the latest version for a first hand demonstration.

It offers a vast improvement on v3 with new features including:
* web-based configuration of web site settings
heavily slim-lined code, now also available in smaller .7z packages
* WYSIWYG editor for creating and editing news articles
* easy upload of images into news articles
* online checking for eggBlog updates
API Documentation for developers ... read more

Posted by Egg 2007-11-20

v3.1.1 Released - Fixed XSS Issues

XSS bugs were reported which have been fixed.

This is a very important bug-fix and all users are recommended to upgrade as soon as possible.

Thanks to Mesut for this report.

Download from:

Posted by Egg 2007-11-11

Analytics Theme Released

A new simple minimal theme based on Google Analytics website.

A striking orange colour against a minimal white/grey background.

For full details visit the analytics section of our themes page at:

Posted by Egg 2006-06-27

v3.1.0 Released - "E_ALL" PHP Errors Cleaned Up

This is a "tidy" release to fix many minor errors that have been reported.

Major fixes include the removal of error messages received when PHP Error Reporting is set to "E_ALL", forum post edit time decreased from 60 minutes to 5 minutes, the "new comment" automated emails have been removed and the session & cookie title names have changed .

Download the latest release at

Posted by Egg 2006-06-27

Google Analytics Plug-In Released

Due to demand, we are pleased to release a simple plug-in for eggblog that allows you to easily incorperate Google Analytics with your eggblog installation.

For full details visit the Google Analytics plug-in page:

Posted by Egg 2006-06-01

v3.07 Released - SECURITY UPDATE

This release fixes a major security breach in the forum topic post RSS feed. The fix prevents users from using sql injcetion to interfeer with the database.

Also fixed is the error message which appears when browsing the archive. This appeared as of the archive update of v3.06 brought in to accomodate the calendar plug-in.

Download the latest release at

Posted by Egg 2006-05-29

v3.06 Released - minor fixes

eggblog v3.06 fixes a bug in /_etc/footer.php for eggblog < v3.06. If $eggblog_forum was set to 0 (zero or off) then the “photo” link will not appear in the menu.

It also carries several minor typo's and low level fixes.

Download the latest version:

Posted by Egg 2006-05-12

Calendar Plug-In (updated)

The calendar plug-in has bene updated and is now fit for release.

This plug-in will place a calendar view of the current month in the side bar of eggblog with links to browse forward or back, a month at a time.

View the details at:

Posted by Egg 2006-05-12

Google Adsense Plug-In

Sign up with Google Adsense and you can receive money for people viewing your website. An advert is displayed that suits the topic of your blog article and you will receive money for each time a visitor clicks the banner or link.

For full details visit the Google Adsense plug-in page:

Posted by Egg 2006-05-11

v3.05 Released - XML RPC path &amp; add/edit user corrected

eggblog v3.05 has been released.

This corrects an incorrect path to the pre-installed XML RPC ping plug-in and a missing "password" field in the add/edit a user form for administrators.

Download and upgrade to the latest version:

Posted by Egg 2006-05-10

Two New Themes

There are now two new themes in the themes section of the website; Thin Green Line and MiniBlog. Be sure to take a look and also let us know if you design your own themes for eggblog - we'll be happy to host and post them.

View our themes at

Posted by Egg 2006-05-10

v3.04 Released - captcha and disabled forum

The eggblog v3.04 releases carries to main fixes:
-administrator moderation of guest comments replaced with a 'captcha' module
- fixed errors when $eggblog_forum is set to zero "0"

Posted by Egg 2006-04-20

v3.03 Released - minor fixes

eggblog v3.03 corrects minor bugs including:
- wrong language variable in /admin/article.php
- wrong langague variable in blog comment form in /home/blog.php
- language support to prevent errors when using the PHP high error reporting in /_languages/en.php and /_languages/de.php

Posted by Egg 2006-04-18

v3.02 Released - RSS Fix

Download eggblog v3.02 to fix the broken links in the RSS feeds.

To upgrade, simply upload and overwite all files (except the /_images/ folder and the /_etc/config.php file).

Download from:

Posted by Egg 2006-04-12

v3.01 Released

The first stable version of eggblog v3 is now available.

This release addresses some language file issues raised in our beta release as well as some errors in the administration area of the package.

All releases are available at:

Posted by Egg 2006-04-11

&quot;Slight Amnesia&quot; Theme Released

Many themes are due to be released for eggblog and the first one to be made available is "Slight Amnesia".

The theme follows a 'tabbed' series of pages with space at the top left for your own personalised logo or photograph.


Posted by Egg 2006-04-07

v3.00 beta Available

The all new version 3.00 beta release has been sent out to testers.

Dependant on the feedback, general release should hopefully occur around the easter weekend of 15-17th April.

If you would like to test this beta version, then we welcome both current users of v2 who wish to upgrade and new fresh insstallers.

Posted by Egg 2006-04-06 launched

eggblog finally has its own home at

There are some free skins and add-ons, in time I hope to have more available. There is also some screenshots and documentation available for the latest release.

Posted by Egg 2006-04-06