Endian Firewall Community 2.2 Beta 2 released

The Endian Team is glad to announce a new release of the Endian Firewall Community version 2.2 Beta 2.

Endian Firewall Community is an all-in-one Linux security distribution that turns every system into a full
featured security appliance. Designed with “usability in mind”, Endian developed a software that is extremely
flexible and very easy to install, use and manage. The Community version has been warmly embraced by the
open source community and has so far enjoyed over 200000 downloads with thousands of deployments worldwide.

Changes from 2.2 Beta 1:
- Updated kernel to version (features a lot more drivers, better SATA/SCSI/NIC support, and much more)
- Updated clamav to version 0.92
- Updated openswan to version 2.4.11
- Updated snort to
- 55+ bugfixes and minor feature enhancement, view the full changelog here: http://bugs.endian.it/changelog_page.php

Download it now from: http://www.endian.com/en/community/download/iso/

Happy new year! :)

Posted by Raphael Vallazza 2007-12-31

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