Have tried to leave the Endian Static IP and not as GATEWAY?
If you want to leave the endian "transparent" between your workstations and pfsense, Endian can try to leave without WAN and configure two ethernet interfaces on the same bridge, Endian to assign an IP network and configure it the default route as the pfsense.
So you will have all traffic passing through the bridge, which allows you to apply rules of proxy and firewall, but the gateway for your workstations would be the pfsense and not the Endian. Since there must be structured as follows: Cable Modem ---> pfSense -> ([eth0] Endian [eth1]) -> LAN Switch

Jonathan Lessa

2012/4/27 Eduardo Mendes <eduardo.mendes@gmail.com>
Hello all,

I'm doing some tests in my lab and found a very weird problem. I have two servers: one has pfsense and it is my gateway to the internet. The second one is a Endian Community 2.5.1 configured as a gateway. PFSENSE is the only one with two networks: one is connected to my lan and the other one is my cable modem. 

The problems is every time I add the pfsense ip as the default gateway in Endian, pfsense starts to block traffic that comes from endian to my workstation(from where I am accessing endian web interface). I send a packet to endian. Endian replies it, but it replies through its default gateway - pfsense.  Hence I lose access to endian web interface. If I restore endian to its factory configuration, or if I delete the default gateway, I get the access back.

My question here is why endian, when configured on gateway mode, is sending all the traffic through its default gateway - pfsense - if both endian and my workstation are on the same network? Have anyone had luck configuring a endian, as a gateway, behind a pfsense? 


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