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New development

I've started working again on new features in the 0.3 branch. It will be thouroughly broken for a while as major changes are going in though.

First changes are in the partition/disc substructures. Next release is planned to feature removal of the FAT code (it has to be rewritten) and first inclusion of VFS support.

Posted by Lennart 2007-08-29

License change

Starting with the release of version 0.2.6 in the stable branch we have changed the license of EFSL.

Originally we selected the Lesser General Public License for EFSL, but have have now changed this to the regular General Public License with an exception clause.

The reason for this were practical problems for people using EFSL statically linked.

For more information please consult the EFSL website.

Posted by Lennart 2006-01-18

AVR/SD support in 0.3.4

As of version 0.3.4 we have working AVR support again in the
0.3 series. Although no documentation has been written it would be nice if people tried the examples out, they should be self-explanatory.

Posted by Lennart 2005-10-24

Speed issue resolved

Since many people were asking about this, the version with the update cluster counting code.

For a 15 megabyte file, with 1 buffer this resulted in a 15 fold decrease of disc traffic, most notably, 441000 redundant sector reads were eliminated.

You should expect a 5x to 15x better throughput when writing larger files.

Posted by Lennart 2005-10-04

EFSL - Stable version released

I'm releasing EFSL version 0.2.0, forking the project in two parts.
One part will be the stable branch, where only bugs will be fixed. There will be no structural code changes in the 0.2 branch.

The other branch wil be 0.3 - devel, where active developement will happen. Please consult www.efsl.be to see what we have in mind for this branch. Suggestions are more than welcome !

We hope you find our library usefull and remain at your service,... read more

Posted by Lennart 2005-06-25


Since version 0.1.20 we have a preliminary implementation
of dirlist functionality.

The format in which the data is presented to the user will change shortly however. However it would be cool if we received some test reports about how it works.

Posted by Lennart 2005-06-08

Save time with pre-alloc

EFSL can now do preallocation of clusters. For writes that come in with small pieces like logs, this can save a lot of time. Check it out.

Several bugs were fixed (including a rather serious one).

Posted by Lennart 2005-05-09

Stable version around the corner

With the completion of the new directory code in 0.1.13, we are nearing feature completeness.
Some userspace functions still need to be written but they
are trivial. We expect to release version 0.2.0 within the week, after which we will switch to a stable branch. Further developement will then continue in a new devel branch.

Posted by Lennart 2005-05-09