• Nobody/Anonymous

    Just curious what sort of systems are people running this on and with what sorta output they are getting?

    ive got a few box's and wouldnt mind installing this on one of the lower end ones ive got laying around to have running randomly.

    what sorta cpu usage does this take on various systems?

    • Kentaro Fukuchi

      Kentaro Fukuchi - 2003-12-16

      I always test EffecTV on Celeron 350MHz and have got 30fps in 320x240 output.
      640x480 screen requires more powerful CPU, say P3 800MHz.

      DId it answer to you?

    • David Denny

      David Denny - 2003-12-16

      I ran a few copies of effectv with vloopback, motion (cheap logitech webcam), & veejay, 7-9 windows open in one two or three chains, no obvious latency, on a 3 yr old Gateway PIII 450 which was also running X and serving up Novell shares via marsnwe. I would say an unoccupied 450MHz box would cope adequately

      352x288 windows btw


    • Nobody/Anonymous

      thats so good
      im looking at a cheapo P3 800mhz laptop with 256 megs memory to use..


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