John Carney - 2008-04-18

Whenever I try to run EeePC-701.vmx in VMPlayer I get this error.  I followed the steps:

You can test Eee PC softwares without a real Eee PC.
Create the Eee PC VMWare image by the procedures:

* Download and install Eee PC SDK. Remember to
  install the Eee PC development tools.

* Download the Eee PC 701 ISO files. (Choose your preferred language)
  Put it into the SDK host.
* There is a script vmware-convert that can convert the ISO file
  into a VMWare image:

    /usr/bin/vmware-convert L701_XX-1.0.X.XX.iso

  The image will be generated to /tmp/asus.vmdk.
  Move it to a directory you like.

* Download the VMWare config EeePC-701.vmx,
  put it into the same directory as asus.vmdk.

* Open the config file by VMWare Player. In the SDK, run it from
  the main menu -> Applications -> System -> VMWare Player.