Hi Guys,

I'm really glad to see that this project has been started, but I'm interested as to whether this project is officially sponsored or approved by Asus, or whether it's in addition to the other community projects which are out there.

For example, I've had a look through the bugfix list, and all the issues there, while they're  all things that need fixing, will the fixes be absorbed by Asus for the next batch of devices? Will they replace the stock install image with the one being created by the community, or will this turn into another eeeXubuntu (not that that's a bad thing... but you get my drift).

Does the project need any help communicating any of these ideas to the community, using the Documentation, wiki, mailing list and website options available to the project, as I'm happy to help with these things.

Lastly, will the project put the full source code of the distributed internally generated code (that is the Asus-only code) on a CVS or SVN repository, so that the community can propose changes back?

Thanks (and looking forward to the answer!)

Jon "The Nice Guy"