#1 Patch for QCodeEdit Line Mark Panel


Since some weeks, QLineMarkPanel doesn't work (can't add mark or remove mark when click).
I propose you a little patch (maybe not well written) to add a default mark, and by popup put another mark.


  • fullmetalcoder

    fullmetalcoder - 2009-01-20
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  • fullmetalcoder

    fullmetalcoder - 2009-01-20

    The patch you send is somewhat corrupted or incomplete so I am not able to apply it.

    I have however re-enabled the one-click mark toggling of the default line mark (as set by language definitions).

    I am also working on a proper context menu to toggle all possible marks but it is not ready yet.

  • Ulrich Van Den Hekke

    I give you the new patch, with only the context menu, (i was misled when i created the previous patch ...).

    Thank you for your response.


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