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QCodeEdit 2.2.2

QCodeEdit 2.2.2 is now available for download.

This release mostly focuses on bugfixing and polishing but also brings a couple of new features (UI to configure formatting, per-language formatting made easy, designer plugin, ...).

It is highly recommended update for anyone using QCodeEdit 2.

Posted by fullmetalcoder 2009-03-06

QCodeEdit 2.2.1

QCodeEdit 2.2 contained some platform-specific issue that have hopefully been reported by testers.

These issues are addressed by the 2.2.1 release.


Posted by fullmetalcoder 2009-02-16

QCodeEdit 2.2

The long awaited 2.2 release is finally out.

Many new features have been introduced and a countless number of issues has been resolved.


Posted by fullmetalcoder 2009-02-15


First bugfix release for the 1.0 branch.
Addresses all reported issues so far (including a couple of random crashes and severe usability issues).

Full announcement on the site : http://edyuk.org

Posted by fullmetalcoder 2008-08-28


Edyuk 1.0.0 has just been released.

Do not rush to SF.net download page however as the primary download source has moved to TuxFamily (where the site was already hosted).


For the full announcement go to the frontpage : http://edyuk.org



Posted by fullmetalcoder 2008-07-21


After weeks spent improving many aspects of Edyuk and polishing as much things as possible I decided it would be worth releasing a new set of packages to get more feedback about the very latest version.

Debugging is back, completion has been much much much improved, project management is smoother, many small and annoying bugs have been fixed (and a couple of big blocking ones as well).

Hoping you'll like it... read more

Posted by fullmetalcoder 2008-05-02


Here comes the first release candidate of Edyuk 1.0.0

It is pretty stable and usable as far as I've tried even though debugging has not been brought back yet.

This release won't be announced everywhere (e.g. neither on Qt/KDE apps.org, nor on freshmeat, ...) for I didn't have the opportunity to test the latest code under Windows and Mac.

So, I'm waiting for your feedback.


Posted by fullmetalcoder 2008-01-27


A new version is available for download. Though it should be much more stable than those currently labelled as stable it hasn't been tested on Win and Mac so I labelled it as unstable.

I'm waiting for your feedback to improve it and at last be able to release a "stable" package ;)

Posted by fullmetalcoder 2008-01-05


Here comes the first beta release of Edyuk 1.0.0

Most noticeable changes are the upgrade of QCodeEdit, the text editing layer (from version 1 to 2, still work in progress), and QCodeModel, the completion/class browsing data backend (same thing but way more mature than QCodeEdit 2). These changes bring a much better user experience by reducing the memory usage by several dozen megs and lowering the loading speed down to 7 seconds on first load and about 2 on next ones (instead of 20 and 10!!!).... read more

Posted by fullmetalcoder 2007-07-29


Edyuk 0.9.2 has just been released!

It features many (many many!) bugfixes, especially crucial Windows-specific ones and annoying model/view issues.
The template manager has been improved and new project templates have been added.
The run-time translation now works perfectly (but for some reason you can't fallback to untranslated mode...) and a russian translation has been added.

Hoping you'll like it :)

Posted by fullmetalcoder 2007-06-29

WebIssues and tracker

I've just discovered a new Qt4-based software on Qt-Apps.org : WebIssues. It is not actually a pure Qt4 software but the combination of a small PHP/MySql-based server and a very neat Qt4-based GUI client.

I've liked it so much that I set it up on Edyuk's website and decided to prefer it over Sf.net tracker.

If you want to submit bugs/feature requests please get WebIssue : http://webissues.mimec.org/downloads
connect to Edyuk WebIssues Board at : http://edyuk.tuxfamily.org/webissues
using login and password : "anonymous"... read more

Posted by fullmetalcoder 2007-06-02

0.9 branch fever

Edyuk 0.9.0 has been released a few day ago (precisely on May the 25th...). It should have been a someway "final" release for the 0.9 branch but something went wrong...

If you've been coding on both Linux and Windows you may know how Win makes shared libs tricky to build... As I no longer have Windows installed on my PC I wasn't able to test the 0.9.0 packages and two days later someone reported linking failure... :(... read more

Posted by fullmetalcoder 2007-05-30


A new beta version is out! It's main focus is addressing Windows compilation and fixing various bugs encountered on this platform by testers...

The thanks go to Jeremy Magland, a Window$ tester, whose perseverance allowed me to fix many compilation issues and potential crashes.

Several minor improvements have also been made in code completion (yes, this is still possible :P ), build scripts, project management and compilation.... read more

Posted by fullmetalcoder 2007-04-05


A new version of Edyuk is now available as beta.
0.9.0 brings several new features and many improbvments in speed, usability, design and completenes.

This version is still under active development and have been reported not to compile under Window$ but newer package fixing this should be issued within a few days. Other users (i.e. Mac or Unix ones) can already give it a try and be amazed by the astonishingly fast completion engine. :)

Posted by fullmetalcoder 2007-04-02

QCodeEdit 1.0

Some people asked for it and here it comes.

I've released the latest version of QCodeEdit as a standalone package, bearing version number 1.0, with an example and proper project files.

I just hope that it will bring some volunteer to help improving the generic definitions stuff...

Posted by fullmetalcoder 2007-02-16


Here we go! Edyuk 0.83.0 is available as a first release candidate. The major improvement of this release is, of course, the new code completion engine but important work has also been done in class browsing, file association, instance limitation, ...

Posted by fullmetalcoder 2007-02-04

Brand new site!

Edyuk's hoempage finally moved to a new host (tuxfamily;org) to get rid of unavailability troubles faced on Berlios. The site now uses Joomla 1.5 and a brand new theme. Due to the use of a new version of Joomla there is no way keeping data from the old site. Thus, people having suscribe will have to do it again (once the suscribtion will be available...).

Hoping you'll like this brand new site!

Posted by fullmetalcoder 2007-01-27

0.8.0 : try it out on SVN

Edyuk next version, 0.8.0, is still under active developpment but already available on SVN. Even though the trunk is not necessary the most stable code it features many bugs, enhancements, and now a major feature : code completion of both Qt and openned projects' classes.

Trying it out is very easy and will give you a good idea of what will be present on the next release.

Posted by fullmetalcoder 2007-01-19

0.7.0 - stable

After a week of testing I've fixed most bugs (if not all) that were present in the unstable version. Some very handy features have also been added, mostly reguarding debugging. I will now focus on code completion which will soon appear on SVN.

Posted by fullmetalcoder 2007-01-04


There we are!

Edyuk 0.7.0 is now available on SVN. A few tests remain to be done before I can release packages but they will come within a day or two.

I've done most of the dirty work and class browsing is now working. I took me quite a while but I managed to implement my own solution which is maybe a little less efficient than ctags but doesn't require intermediate data processing so becomes faster than existing solutions when it comes to build a class tree and explore it. Debugging has also been improved a lot and new features are coming soon.... read more

Posted by fullmetalcoder 2006-12-29


Edyuk 0.6.1 features debugging faciliyies and a much better project management module. Various bugfix and performance enhancement have been done. The source is now available on the SVN trunk. As soon as it will be polished a package will be released.

Posted by fullmetalcoder 2006-11-02


A 0.6.0 package is available as "technology preview". During a few weeks it will be tested by anyone wishing to help and modifications will be restricted to bugfixes.

Note : 0.6.0 does not compile with Qt 4.2 but a 0.6.0-b is being worked on and will fix that...

Posted by fullmetalcoder 2006-09-12

Release : 0.5.0

After a bit of polishing and a few bug fixes 0.5.0 has been released. This version is (should be : I can't test everything everywhere ...) working fine and brings some major changes in architecture but end-user won't notice them, except the new translation engine maybe...
Next version, 0.5.1, will bring compilation support!

Posted by fullmetalcoder 2006-07-09

pre-release : 0.5.0

An unstable version of Edyuk has been released. 0.5.0 features a completely rewritten plugin system and a new dynamic translation system. It is mainly targeted for programmers wanting to create plugins.
A stable version should come within a week or two...

Posted by fullmetalcoder 2006-07-08

Release : 0.4.2

July 3rd 2006 : Version 0.4.2 has just been released. SVN trunk is up to date and packages are availables under various archive formats. Have fun!

Posted by fullmetalcoder 2006-07-04