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I've just discovered a new Qt4-based software on Qt-Apps.org : WebIssues. It is not actually a pure Qt4 software but the combination of a small PHP/MySql-based server and a very neat Qt4-based GUI client.

I've liked it so much that I set it up on Edyuk's website and decided to prefer it over Sf.net tracker.

If you want to submit bugs/feature requests please get WebIssue : http://webissues.mimec.org/downloads
connect to Edyuk WebIssues Board at : http://edyuk.tuxfamily.org/webissues
using login and password : "anonymous"

Note : If you visit Edyuk's website you will probably notice the presence of Google ads. As I received no donations I decided to investigate another way of raising funds to buy domain name and other hosting-related stuffs. I tried my best to make AdSense publish coding-related ads. However it might fail from time to time. If you really can't afford a donation or any other contribution (bug report, patch, ...) you might consider clicking some adds. :)

Posted by fullmetalcoder 2007-06-02

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