Hi Luc

Thanks for your response. I understand your point exactly since I'm in the same situation more or less. I've read through the pages of documentation on QCodeEdit and to be honest I'm have a few questions still. I hope you don't mind if I ask them to you. Maybe just some background on what I'm doing:

I want to use QCodeEdit as the input to different scripting backends. One would be QtScript and later a Python backend will follow. For the QtScript backend I use a the script editor that comes with GCF (not sure if you are familiar with it: www.vcreatelogic.com/oss/gcf/index.html). In any case, since they don't have plans right now to make the editor more generic I'm looking for something else. The project consists of different GCF components built on top of a scientific framework. The framework and the components will be released under GPL with the option to buy a commercial license. I hope that explains my intended usage a little bit better.

1) Will it be relatively easy to use QCodeEdit in a console type of mode? Like the Python console for example.
2) Do you have a roadmap for QCodeEdit?
3) Does buying a LGPL license or whatever include support from your side.
4) Can you give me an idea of a price for QCodeEdit.

Thanks for your time.

On Fri, Mar 6, 2009 at 1:51 PM, luc bruant <non.deterministic.finite.organism@gmail.com> wrote:

I'm looking for something like QCodeEdit. However the license is a problem. Is there any chance that the code will be released under LGPL not that Qt 4.5 is out?
I'm afraid no. You can obtain permissive (BSD/LGPL/whatever) licenses for a small fee but not for free.
Contrary to Qt Software I don't have a big company like Nokia paying the bills so that is not an option for me (not that I make a lot of money out of it but it helps
and I really don't like the idea of giving it away for free if people are to use it in commercial projects)...

best regards


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