#3 link to files from debug log or #include



It would be nice to implement some features like netbeans ^^

for example when an error occured in main.cpp:84 by clicking on "main.cpp:84" we can directly go to the file main.cpp and put the cursor to the line 84 ...

another interesting features from netbeans :
- when we write #include "<- netbeans suggest some local files in the main directory.

-while tapping on ctrl and clicking on a name of file, class, function or variable it is possible to directly open the files, or go to the declaration of the class/function or the use of the variable.

Just a small question ... i've not found the documentation to write a plugins ...can you give me the link to it ? thx. (i'm not sure to write a plugins, but i can try xD).

Tu fait du bon boulot ;) continu comme ça :).


  • fullmetalcoder

    fullmetalcoder - 2008-06-30

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    1) link to files : compile log is provided for advanced users but it is highly recommended to look for errors in the "messages" tab which does link to files. Double clicking an item (blue ones are linked to a file) will open the file and if it is a warning/error that comes with a line number, jump to the line.

    2) completion of include files is on the TODO list but not among the topmost items I'm afraid.

    3) CTRL+click to navigate hierarchy is a good idea. I'll see what I can do.

    4) you did not find plugin doc because I have not written it yet... I'll do my best to write the basis ASAP. in the meantime you can check out the plugins that comes with Edyuk by default. The .xml file is the core of the app/plugin communication and helps reducing the overhead of plugin writing since it is used to generate the "plugin code". (plugin.cpp and plugin.h are generated from it) the .qrc file must be present for the plugin generator to work properly and extra.cpp should be there as well (just modify the class name). These make up the foundation of a plugin.
    Then comes the actual classes exported by a plugin (can be a perspective, a builder, a debuger, a completion engine, a code parser, a project parser, ...)
    As you refer to NetBeans quite often I guess you're familiar with Java. Maybe you could work on a basic plugin that would bring QtJambi support into Edyuk... That would be awesome :D If you start such a plugin don't hesitate to ask questions.

    Merci pour tes encouragements :)

  • Nobody/Anonymous

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    I only used Netbeans with PHP ... i never used QTJ.

    I can create a plugin to bring php support into edyuk xD.

  • fullmetalcoder

    fullmetalcoder - 2008-08-28
    • status: open --> closed

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