Suggession for make it more better

  • Abhishek Shah

    Abhishek Shah - 2013-07-03

    If you have any suggestoin for improve this product,you can share in this discussion.

  • Ogunyemi Fehintoluwa

    i just downloaded it...planning to use it for my sch....any bug i gonna tell ya...

  • Ogunyemi Fehintoluwa not sending any mail to my mail address.....gush....where can i get the loggin details from the database....i've been searching all day

  • Tej bhandari

    Tej bhandari - 2015-07-02

    recently i have install new version in my school still it is running quite well sure i will get back if any Bug appear
    thanks EduSec for your wonderful product.

    • Rudra Softech

      Rudra Softech - 2016-02-16

      Hi Tej,

      We released new version. Please check.

  • Shivam Lathi

    Shivam Lathi - 2015-12-26

    Great application. Save my time & money. Wish to have some more features in Community version. Thanks Rudra team.

  • Rudra Softech

    Rudra Softech - 2016-02-16

    Hi Shivam,

    Share your requirements we will try to add some more features.

    Thanks for feedback.

    Best regards,

  • ankush Jasathia

    ankush Jasathia - 2016-06-29

    import students module is not working.It doesnt import the excel file shows page not available

    • Rasika Bhatt

      Rasika Bhatt - 2016-07-08

      Hi Ankush,

      I have installed a new version of Edusec and it works perfect in my institute. Please update your Application if you are using old version.


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