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EDLL v0.6 -- available on MinGW

Now EDLL is also available on MinGW. You can download either the BFD or non-BFD versions as an executable and run it to install it as all the other MinGW packages.






Posted by Alexis Wilke 2006-01-09

EDLL 0.6 -- with its own COFF loader!

Hi guys,

Thought 0.5 is already a very good version, it has to be used with the BFD and iberty libraries. The problem is that these two libraries are under the GPL. This means your code then falls under the GPL if you use the edll library, even though the edll is LGPL.

So, I wrote a version of the COFF loader using the Microsoft pecoff.doc document. This works great for Win32 (32 bits) loading .exe and .o files generated by gcc and g++ (and certainly others too).... read more

Posted by Alexis Wilke 2006-01-08

EDLL v0.4 -- comes with a full configure script

Many changes in version 0.3/0.4. They come with a complete configure script that one can use to regenerate the library.

It includes support for versioning your modules and applications.

It fixes problems with BSS sections (actually, really the COMMON section).

It includes more tests including tests which do not require the use of the ltdl library.

Updated documentation.

Many other bug fixes, some by Patric Stout from the libpgmi project (also available on SourceForge and which can be used for a similar purpose).... read more

Posted by Alexis Wilke 2006-01-05

EDLL v0.1 -- support undefined symbols

Welcome to the EDLL project,

This library, LGPL licensed, has been created to offer support for undefined symbols in 'DLL' (I prefer to use the term plug-ins since you don't actually create .dll files!)

This library totally eliminate the need for all the import/export silliness of Microsoft DLLs. You can write your code under Linux and expect it to behave the same way under MS-Windows.

If you create plug-ins (.so files) under Linux, the EDLL will enable you to reuse the same schema for your application and all your plug-ins will load even if they need to back link to the main application, or some plug-ins require others to be loaded.... read more

Posted by Alexis Wilke 2005-04-29