New version of edl2aaf released (release1) has been updated with new source code (and
documentation!) for the edl2aaf tool.
The tool has matured considerably, with support for split audio, stretches,
comments and lots more.

You can get the source code using CVS.
There is also a release that includes all the source code and some sample
edls (some of which are real).

This source code will be part of the EDL to AAF talk at the DevCon next
If you cannot get it, I will distribute it then.

For those that do not know, edl2aaf is an open source project that shows
how EDLs might be converted to AAF files.
You can do what you want with the code. Even sell it. Just don't blame us!
We are not trying to compete with any commercial EDL readers.
The EDL parser does very little error checking, however the AAF creation is
robust (to our knowledge!).
We have used CMX3600 EDLs for the moment. If you want support for other
formats - well, you have the source code.

All comments and feedback very welcome.



ps. I am not very good at driving sourceforge (or HTML for that matter), so
any feedback on the site would be good too!

Posted by James Westland Cain 2001-11-07

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