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Release 0.1.8 - EDIFACT Debut

In addition to multiple bug fixes from the past couple months, release 0.1.8 includes parsing support for the EDIFACT EDI dialect. Usage for EDIFACT is identical to X12.

When the parser determines that either an X12 of EDIFACT message is found, a new document start callback function will be called. Similarly, an end document callback will be called upon reaching the final segment of a message or upon premature termination of the message.... read more

Posted by Michael Edgar 2007-01-11

Release 0.1.7 - Multiple Enhancements

Release Notes:

This release contains an enhancement to the edival API that
allows for the application program to receive pre-converted
numeric values and in the form of a new EDI_DataElement
structure. The structure also notifies of the element's
type so that the application does not have to worry about
consulting the schema once it is loaded.

Also, Interchange/Batch standards for X12 data are now
rules-based. The standards that were hardcoded several
versions ago in the x12 Parser module have been removed. ... read more

Posted by Michael Edgar 2006-11-21

Bugfixes/API Updates - Release 0.1.6

This release addresses a bug that prevented the usage of the binary element callback feature that was first introduced in 0.1.5. Additionally, several of the schema-related function calls in the API have changed signatures to no longer require a schema object pointer to be passed. See function descriptions and usage information in the edival.h source file.

Besides what is included in this release, work has begun on a Ruby extension to allow full access to edival in a Ruby-esque fashion. If you are interested in extensions to support the Python or Perl languages, let me know.

Posted by Michael Edgar 2006-10-17

Release 0.1.5 available

Added parsing support for the X12 binary element (found in transaction 275 for example). This includes a new callback definition in the main library for elements of this type. See the API in edival.h for information on usage. Several code clean ups and removal of C++ style comments took place as well.

Posted by Michael Edgar 2006-10-13

Updates in new edival 0.1.4

Release note 0.1.4: Added loop/composite notification handlers and removed "composite element" handler. This was done to remove ambiguity in the case there multiple composites are situated in adjacent element locations within a segment. Segment validation code was updated to fix bug where mandatory elements beyond the final element sent were not checked for usage. scan837 was also changed to print out a pseudo-XML.

Posted by Michael Edgar 2006-09-20

edival 0.1.3 Now Available

Release notes 0.1.3: Changes include several bug fixes, some clean up of debugging printouts, and a huge update to the validation engine. This results in an increase in error reporting accuracy. Also, the X12 ISA/IEA segments are now validated for element content by a separate, internal schema.

Posted by Michael Edgar 2006-09-14

edival 0.1.2 Released

This release rolls up the most recent changes and fixes to the edival EDI parser and validation library. Latest additions include code optimization for greater parsing and validation speed, addition of syntax note (referential element integrity) validation, and validation for decimal, date, and time elements. See the ChangeLog for this release for more details.

Posted by Michael Edgar 2006-08-30

Many updates to CVS

There have been multiple updates made to the CVS repository recently. Some key enhancements include date+time and decimal number validation, syntax note validation for segments and composite elements, and several speed enhancements to both the parser as well as the schema validator. See the ChangeLog for more details.

I'll try to have a new version 0.1.2 tarball/release available shortly.

Posted by Michael Edgar 2006-08-29

New Release - 0.1.1

A new release is available with a good number of bug fixes. Also included is a new sample program scan837 that can validate the structure of an ANSI compliant 837 Health Claim file, version 004010.

Posted by Michael Edgar 2006-08-19

Tarball Available

The first release tarball for edival is now available. Also included in the release is an example program that parses and validates a 997 transaction. Any feedback is appreciated.

Posted by Michael Edgar 2006-08-07

Day One

This is day on for the new edival project page on Sourceforge. The goal of this project is to provide a simple API for parsing and validating EDI data streams without relying on any sort of file format to hold the syntax information (it's up to the caller to decide). The codebase is still very early in development, so any help testing or requesting features would be GREATLY appreciated. Information regarding the API can be found in the 'edival.h' header file, which is where the majority of documentation currently resides. Again, comments and suggestions are appreciated.... read more

Posted by Michael Edgar 2006-04-11