Timo Taskinen - 2003-06-23

I have original Ericsson's serial cable and a Sony-Ericsson T68i bought from Singapore. I don't know what type of cable is it, but the text on the phone's end of cable reads: "KRY 101 1087 R1B. TYPE 4040026. Y/W0106. Made in Sweden." It works fine as a modem, and in other programs, such as FMA's Mobile Agent and Christersson.org's programs, but now I am encountering problems with your Ericsson Desktop. When I try to connect COM1 and 9600 bps (or other speeds), the program just sends AT (seen from terminal -log) about 10 times before it gives up and displays "Phone not detected" in title bar. Since I can't read russian, I translated your FAQ page via Altavista's Babelfish, and I found the following text:

"If telephone is not determined, then most likely cable is service and it is required its resoldering"

What does resoldering mean? Any instructions?