.xinitrc / .xsession for EDE 2.0 Beta

  • Ralf Eichinger

    Ralf Eichinger - 2011-12-03

    after compiling (without any options) and installing fltk 1.3.0 / jam / edelib / ede2 I created this .xinitrc and .xsession scripts:


    /usr/local/bin/startede &
    /usr/local/bin/ede-panel &
    /usr/local/bin/ede-desktop &

    EDE starts, but there are no icons (some special compile options needed) and the titlebar of the windows are black with some distorted windows action actions… shouldn't it look like on the screenshots on the website? (win95 like windows?)

    pekwm needs some compile options?

  • Anonymous - 2011-12-03

    You need to set a flag to "compile" icons, when compiling ede2:
    jam -sBUILD_ICON_THEMES=1 install


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