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L Michaels
  • L Michaels

    L Michaels - 2012-06-07

    I tried out the ede-dialog that's part of the Equinox Desktop Environment.  It's very nice, but seems more limited than the standard dialog application.  I've been wanting to find a form handling option that's more like HTML forms or htas on Windows.  So, I started with the DPlus browser (that's also fltk based), added a few minor modifications and instead of sending form data to a server, it can send form data from a local html file to a specified local file.  The file can then be parsed by a script or program.  It's still a very basic user interface, but it has a few options dialog doesn't like multiple controls on a form and CSS for styling.  Thought it might be useful to have another option besides ede-dialog/dialog for user input when writing scripts.

  • Sanel Zukan

    Sanel Zukan - 2012-06-07


    True, ede-dialog has quite few options, mostly to be used by ede
    specific scripts like ede-help. However, I'm interest to see what you
    have made :)

    True to told, I didn't know about DPlus and I'm eager to see what
    difference they have made comparing to Dillo (AFAIK, looking from
    README they still didn't add javascript support, which is IMHO
    essential for today browsers).

    > It's still a very basic user interface, but it has a few options
    > dialog doesn't like multiple controls on a form and CSS for styling.

    Sounds very interesting :) Does it have option to handle button clicks
    and fetch inputs?


  • L Michaels

    L Michaels - 2012-06-19

    Patches and scripts I've been experimenting with are here if anyone wants to try it out:

    Unfortunately, I haven't been able to find any lightweight browsers that are cross-platform and have JavaScript support.  DPlus is an improvement on Dillo on cross-platform support (it even works on DOS) and appears to be fairly cleanly coded.  I've seen some tools use Spidermonkey or V8 to add JavaScript support, but they're either not cross-platform, use a less lightweight GUI library (like Qt or GTK+) or are command line tools with no interface (like v8cgi and phantomjs).

    Am always looking for other good lightweight program options (browsers or other applications).  By the way, some interesting FLTK application development at:
    The programs may need some porting, but the FLTK applications might work nicely with EDE.  There's a graphics editor and a word processor among other things.

  • Sanel Zukan

    Sanel Zukan - 2012-06-22


    Thank you for this notification :) I wasn't able to successfully run
    shell build script: is there other requirements I need to get before
    download the package?


  • L Michaels

    L Michaels - 2012-06-23

    The build scripts for dplus and lynx were just samples scripts.  They were customized to a particular system and set of utilities.  There's a tool that generates the customized scripts (for instance, lets you set if you have tar, bsdtar or 7za).  However, I haven't uploaded the tool anywhere yet.  You should be able to just build dplus (and optionally lynx) the way you normally would and apply the included patches during the build.  When they're built with the patches, rename dplus to dplusui (and lynx to lynxui) and make sure they're in your path, so the config script can find them.  Other than libraries to build dplus or lynx (like fltk 1.3 or curses), all the source should be there.  If you have any other questions on setup, please let me know.

  • L Michaels

    L Michaels - 2012-06-24

    Just updated all the files for this.  Was testing on some other operating systems and made some changes to accommodate them.  Shortened uiresults name to uiresult so it would work in DOS.  Also, had been testing on Windows before I uploaded the previous version.  I accidentally got some files with cr-lf uploaded in the previous version.  Windows doesn't care if a file uses cr-lf or lf for line endings, but POSIX systems do.  The scripts worked fine on Windows, but my POSIX based systems weren't too thrilled with it.  Should be fixed in the latest zip files now.  I also tried to clarify the documentation further.  I think the scripts should run fine now on Windows, Linux and FreeBSD.  Haven't finished testing on DOS yet.  If you hit any other issues (such as files with cr-lf that I may have missed that are causing scripts to mess up), please let me know.  Thanks.


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