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New admin of the eddi-project


I'm Simon. I'm going to overtake the eddi-project.
Times ago I sent a mail with some bug reports and some suggestions to Jan, and asked him if I could participate to the developping of eddi. As an answer he asked me if I want to become the maintainer of the project!
I had no experience as administator, I decided to accept anyway. There's everytime a first time, and Jan promised me to help me in the beginning.
So now I'm here....
My plans about the immediate future of eddi: I have a long list of things that doesn't work well (shortly: bugs). First goal will be to fix them all and then release a stable version.
About more far-reaching plans: there are a lot of good ideas about features to add (debugging facilities, auto-completion of code keywords,...). Once they will be all implemeted, eddi will no longer be an editor, it will be a programming environnement!!... read more

Posted by Simon Bachmann 2003-12-21

Eddi 1.0 is out

About half a year ago some people, including me decided to start a sourceforge project for the famous eddi editor. Eddi, a very powerfull, but than somewhat buggy but extremely fast and easy editor, should have a life, we tought. Therefore we continued the development where Holger Schanz, the original author, stopped.

Our first goal was to modernize the look, make the menus up to date to new functionality (mainly new html version) and most important: debug it. Moreover we wanted to include high quality documentation. In the past half year, I have learned tcl/tk and have, together with some co-developers intensively worked on the project. This has today resulted in the release of eddi 1.0. No bugs have been found in this codebase in the last 3 months and the manual was comleted today. ... read more

Posted by Jan Keirse 2002-10-13

We've taken over :-)

We've taken over development on eddi, where Holger Schanz left off a couple off years ago. We will try to make eddi the perfect editor for X, it is already the best, but the best just isn't good enough. We are currently looking at the possibility's of sourceforge and planning how we will use it. We are also planning changes in eddi and adtions to it. Next to that, I am learning tcl/tk and tix, this might be usefull to be a maintainer of a program written in it. We will try to release a 1.0 within a couple off months, but there still needs to be done some things for that and we still have to make decisions what to add and what to leave out.

Posted by Jan Keirse 2002-03-26

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