#32 Shutdown core on exit dialogue.


Hey, I love ed2k_gui, but I'm not a fan of the way it shuts down the
core on exit. This is because I only want to shut it down about
50% of the time. (half the time I actually want to kill overnet to free
some bandwidth, and the other half I am going elsewhere with the
intention of controlling the core remotely over the internet)

At the moment there's an option called 'shutdown core on exit',
which I have to manually select before exiting, and then I get a
confirmation dialogue informing me whether the core is being shut
down or not.

I personally think it would be better if the program asked whether I
wanted to kill the core upon exiting, a good example of a
messagebox would be:

Title: "Warning"
Message: "You are exiting ed2k. Would you like to keep the core
Options: "Yes, No, Cancel"

Where 'yes' would keep the core running and exit the gui, 'no'
would kill the core and exit the gui, and 'cancel' will go back to the
gui and keep both running.

This way I can decide whether I want to kill the core each time I
exit, and I won't have to change and re-apply the options
everytime I exited.


  • Tim-Philipp Muller

    Logged In: YES

    Yeah, you're right, that would be much better.

    However, you don't have to manually select/unselect the option all the
    time. Just leave it set to 'Do not shutdown core on exit', and shut the
    core down before you exit by clicking on the Overnet/ed2k logo and
    selecting 'shut down core' before you exit (that will bring up the
    connect to dialog, where you can click exit).


  • [s0ur3f0rg3] Russell Phillips

    Logged In: YES

    Yeah, shutting down the core manually does work, but it
    still takes four clicks across two dialog boxes and a
    messagebox to simply shut everything down. What I'm
    suggesting takes two clicks whether you're shutting the core
    down or not - and still retains all functionality. It would
    also be more intuitive on new users.


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