#13 option to restart core if download speed is too low


I have been trying this gui with overnet for some days
and i works fine, congratulations. I usually get
20-30KBytes download speed in a 266kbit/s cable-modem.

Sometimes download speed decreases till 0-1KB/s and
then it seems it is not going to recover up. I suppose it is
a problem related to the core. So I stop and start the core
and then download speed hits 20KBytes/s again.

I would like to see this feature in the gui so i do not need
to monitor download speed.


  • Costyn van Dongen

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    You should try pausing and unpausing the download first.
    This has a similar effect. I'm not sure what exactly happens,
    but it seems like the core will start up a lot of new
    connections to start looking for the file and will thus find new
    sources from which it can immediately download.

    I suggest you search the forums at overnet.com for more
    explanation on this...

    Good luck!

  • Tim-Philipp Muller

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